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I'm not good with puns, I'll have you know that much about me, and I over do sarcasm, sometimes too obvious that it appears as if I'm putting too much effort in grabbing attention, which is...also true.

Now you're hooked, because why would somebody out of the blue confesses a number of major items in his insecurity list. Sometimes you wish that you yourself wouldn't have any insecurity, but hey who are we lying to but only ourselves.

Now that was me trying to establish an emotional connection, something you can relate to and be sympathetic about. Ethos, my favourite persuasive rhetorical tool for its flexibility and motivating nature.

A simple emotional attachment could turn a mundane, boring, last on the list job into a work of art. Remember that task or project that was super hard to even get a start on and you were never able to find the right moment, the right place and time or idea in order to get the wheels rolling. And then something sparks that untapped brain juice named emotion: your relative passed away with you promising them a successful project, your significant other proposed and you need to make sure a happy, comfortable life style for the two of you in the future which require that you complete this project with flags flying high.

Whichever it is, a little shove goes a long way, many might disagree, but drama is what we crave and yes, we ALL do (looking at the dudes). Different people just have different scripts that they like and roles that they want to play in said script and once the opportunity arise we have the urge to push ourselves.

Well written about a country in needs, Stephen Lewis realize the value of Ethos and incorporated it fairly well with his writings about a once on the rise to prosper and success continent of Africa now kneeling in its down fall from HIV.
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