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From my very own personal perspective, the idea of moral differ from person to person, let alone cultures, and the very standard in which we pose against ourselves as a guideline on how we should behave are based upon the unspoken rules of the society we live in.

That being said, things change, societies change, the way we see things and how we react against them changes as well, nowaday people with the nicer, more tamed good behaving attitude are considered somewhat "mellow" and "boring". Though it's true that women don't want to be victimized as mere meat packages walking about the face of the earth for men's sheer sexual satisfaction. But then again, are they really not interested in all the attention they are getting? Isn't that the final result of all the violence and trouble making?

- Look! - girl number 1 said

- What?! - girl number 2 answered

- I think boys really like violence and hell, what's more attractive than a pair kitty cat with bouncing body parts jump about fighting each other? We'll be famous among the guys! - girl number 1 continued

So instead of being victimized passively, they are still a product of a male dominant society, twisted in their own sexual divine intervention, used to rule their little men's world, very much like the early days of man kind where the females are the leaders of the pack. I don't think it is simply a repellant mechanism, to avoid being seen as victims but more of rebellious acts against the ideology of how girls should behave with all the womanly etiques, supported much by the understanding of men's attraction and interest towards violence and the opposite sex.

Though these baviours can be harmful, they are not necessarily bad, we can't simply force every women on the planet to act, feel and express themselves the same way, some just have a very different point of view about their sexual prowess. As stated above, societies change, social standards will change and so will moral codes, from a utilitarian perspective it is just fine to have diversities in the selections of "walking meat packages" just as long as they don't cause any harm towards any other human being male or female alike.


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