Jun. 16th, 2014 01:48 am
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Us human, we take great pride in who we are and where we come from, the nationalism, patriotism is a sensitive subject. In actuality we might not be very different but the somehow that concept of identity holds so much meaning and strength to those entitled.

Thomas Kings's short story, "Borders" touches on the subject mentioned above from a kid's point of view, that age of understanding and soaking in new ideas and comprehension like a sponge, not nearly a blank slate, but young enough to not have his perception fully formed. In his short story, Thomas Kings reveal the true borders of the human mind and generation gap. Under the author's point of view, the action of his sister represent a younger, bold, and highly independent individual who wished to see the world and travel away from her home town while his mother, having a more traditional, classic left wing school of thought constantly stated "We got everything here."

The real border isn't really between Canada and America, in his mother's mind, she and her kids were Blackfoot, doesn't matter where they come from and that their true origin, nationality and identity were Blackfoot. Readers could see vivid disregard of official, legal regulations that were applied upon the woman's mind although never actually put to word throughout Thomas's writing. While the kid himself "could have told them" that they were "from the Canadian side" unlike his mother who were completely against conforming to the officials.
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